TechMagnet meets Amber
Does the Amber keep its promises?

Following the steps of Christian and Sandstorm, another influencer by the name of Chris has published a review video of the Amber device on his YouTube channel 'TechMagnet'. This review video captures everything about the user friendly Amber device, from detailed unboxing to the set-up of different Docker containers and applications. 


As he unboxed the NAS device, Chris was hooked straight away reading about the self-claimed 'incredible features' written on the outer Amber-Box, as well as multiple small comforting touches that point towards the careful work on and premium quality of the Amber device. Furthermore, the Austrian influencer loves the design with the included accessories for immediate set-up and usage, building up to an amazing first impression of the Amber device before even using it.

Chris continues to talk about the endless possibilities of third party open-source programs (e.g. Nextcloud) available to users, that can be installed for free on the AmberOS software. 

Even though the price is high at a whooping 749€ (2x2TB Amber Model), Chris does not really feel bothered because there are no monthly fees attached to the Amber, as it is the case for other software's and services. In this sense the Amber device pays for itself over just a few years, aside from the top-notch quality that the device already provides.

Unfortunately, Chris did encounter some errors with the pairing of the Amber device and set-up of accounts but managed to solve them after a few tries. Furthermore, the Austrian influencer recommends to perform the set-up on a tablet, PC or notebook as the layout if not specifically tailored to smartphone displays. 

For a detailed step-by-step configuration and installation process, you should check his amazing detailed video. Moving on, post configuration, Chris continues to install and explore the AmberPRO service on his device as well as the different Docker containers and how to add them to your Amber device.

The Austrian influencer concludes the review video with a quick recap of the promises the Amber device guarantees and actually provides: 

  1. Great Applications

  2. User Friendly

  3. Intuitive

  4. Great OS for Desktop Application

  5. Responsive Customer Support

  6. Beautiful Aesthetics & Soundless

  7. Amazing Router

On a more critical note, the Austrian influencer agrees that the 2x2TB storage is not a lot! However, these drives can be replaced manually if preferred, without further complications.

'This cube is basically a Swiss Knife of some sorts' - Chris (TechMagnet Team)

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