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The French Tech Geek with the pseudo-name 'Sandstorm' has tested the Amber device on his YouTube Channel 'JustGeek FR' (Fair Geek in english). The frenchman  wrote an article containing a detailed video within which Sandstorm gave his objective critical opinion on the Amber device.


He quickly realized that Amber is more than just an online storage with additionally embedded Router functionalities that distinguishes the Amber from other NAS devices as well as the vast diversity of functions that can be installed over time on the Amber.

Top 3 Qualities of the Amber device according to Sandstorm:

1) The Amber device is very reliable in its functioning. It runs very smoothly without technical problems or difficulties. Furthermore, it is accessible at all times and easy to reach if set-up locally.

2) The Amber device is very discrete! The aesthetics are pleasant to the eye, one is not disturbed  by machine noises and it can be placed in  a room without necessarily being noticed with its modern looks and relatively small size.

3) The biggest quality of the Amber device according to the french tech geek is the certainty of providing the Amber with imporatnt data while knowing that  such data is securely stored in a comtrolled environment, will never be lost and is safe from hacking attempts! The data can be retrieved exactly where one has stored it. Sandstorm claims the Amber device to be an expert  inits functions.

Furthermore, Sandstorm claims that the configuration functions of the Amber to be sufficient but quite modest, considering all the functions that  can be done with the Amber. In terms of connectivity,  the most important ports are available such as HDMI port, USB port A &  C, 2GB LAN ports, 1GB WAN port and an AC2600 wiFi controller.

Aside from these positive qualities, the frenchman agrees that the Amber device has a high price which might hinder sales. Nevertheless he is excited to see that the Affiliate Program provides him and his audience with welcomed discounts. Furthermore, he is disappointed to not find compatibilities with Linux applications. In addition, Sandstorm would have liked to see a stronger processor and more than 2GB of RAM to fully maximise the qualities offered by the Amber device.

'Convaincue par le produit, mais non pas du tarif' - Sandstorm

I agree with his final quote. However, personally I prefer to spend more money on a long-lasting product than repeatedly wasting money on cheaper devices that cease to function in earlier stages or provide users with  technical problems.

Further informations and a clear step by step set-up procedure can be found in his YouTube video.

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