Bring Cloud Data Home!
How I can use EZBackup of Amber iX to recover lost folders of cloud storage

Bring Your Cloud Data Home with Amber iX

The Cloud. Cloud storage is a model of computer data storage in which the digital data is stored in some storage servers managed by "The Cloud" service providers. The physical storage spans multiple servers, and the physical environment is typically owned and managed by some hosting companies, such as Google for Google Drive, Microsoft for OneDrive,  or Apple for iCloud Drive.

Sync Cloud to Local Drives. Cloud storage can be accessed by local computers only the internet is fast and stable enough. Many cloud storage companies provide Desktop App to synchronise Cloud storage to local drivers, so users can still work with local files and synchronise back to the Cloud storage, or the way around. 

Amber iX Desktop App. Amber iX Desktop App is a free App provided by Latticework for the use of Amber One/Plus & Amber X in the future. EZBackup can be used to do backup tasks from local drivers to Amber Cloud NAS drives. 

Amber iX Desktop App allows users to backup local files to Amber Cloud Nas from anywhere.

Files can be lost by synchronizing multiple devices. Syncing files from local computers or devices to The Cloud is a common business practice in today’s mobile-driven world. Over the past few years, the practice of syncing business files to personal devices has evolved from a simple function to a mission-critical solution. Some mistakes can happen. For examples, I've experienced files or folders were deleted by mistakes while synchronizing multiple local computers or mobile devies with The Cloud. You can see some complains reported on the blogs of The Cloud.   

Files can be lost by synchronizing multiple devices.

Backup local files to Amber Cloud NAS. Syncing files from local computers or devices to Amber Cloud NAS is very easy by using Amber iX Desktop App. User can create backup tasks on Backup Pool to make backup from local computers to Amber Cloud NAS from anywhere. Not only useful for pure local folders, but also convenient for synchronized local folders of The Cloud.

Amber iX Desktop can backup local files to Amber Cloud NAS from anywhere.

Now I don't need to worry any files lost by synchronizing multiple device with any Cloud!  Click here to know more about Amber App.

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