The AmberPro Demo is now live!
Request a login and start experiencing the full potential of Amber

Good news everyone!

You'll now finally be able to use an Amber before buying it, we have a full setup ready in our office in the Netherlands that you can try directly from your home!
And if you want to try the Amber hands-on, you can request it to be shipped for a 1-month trial completely free of charges here.

With the Amber Demo, you can walk around the online functionalities of Amber OS thanks to the Amber Anywhere service, which lets you access your Amber from anywhere with just an internet connection.

Request a login and start testing now our partner application Nextcloud for your personal cloud with Collabora for document editing, live chat, and all the features you could possibly need in your home-hosted cloud.
Or if you're into home automation and security, the demo also lets you try Home Assistant!
Simply request a login for the App you're interested in to try on the demo page and see the full potential of Amber by yourself.

Meet the AmberPRO Docker
Belgian Tech-Geek tests the Amber device with AmberPRO Docker integration